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Terms & Conditions

By ordering services from J Fuerst Photo, the Client agrees to the entirety of the

following Agreement for any and all productions or work associated with.



J FUERST Real Estate Photography; hereafter referred to as “J FUERST”, “JFuerst”.

Customer or Client; The person or entity who is booking service with J FUERST, making payment to J FUERST, or is receiving services or media from J FUERST, or is accepting


Waiver of Liability

By ordering the services from J FUERST, the Client agrees to the entirety of the following terms and conditions for any and all services or work associated with. These policies are here to be helpful and instructional as we work together to create content for your marketing needs.


Use of Premises

By booking a service, you certify that you have the right to allow J FUERST and its associates, employees, or partners access into the property during the scheduled time. Furthermore, you certify that the property owner has given permission for J FUERST to access the property. Works and media which are produced on location are owned exclusively by J FUERST and licensed to purchasers based on the license agreement or the license agreement associated with the particular services booked.


Assumption of Risk

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless J FUERST, its trustees, directors, officers, employees, contractors, and agents, from any and all claims, actions, suits, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities including attorney fees as a result of this project and the use of premises.


Service & Production Requests:

To ensure the best results of the service requested, please be sure the property is ready prior to the scheduled service time.


Fireplace Enhancements:

Double check with homeowners to insure fireplace is functional. If not functional, DO NOT select enhancements. J FUERST is not responsible for false advertising if Fireplace enhancement is selected YES when a fireplace is not functional.


Rooms, Angles, and Photo Readiness

Rooms and angles photographed are left to the discretion of the photographer unless specifically requested prior to or at the shoot.

Property should be photo-ready upon the photographer's arrival. While J FUERST are mindful of composition and minor detailing, photographers are not responsible for unwanted objects in photos. For liability reasons, J FUERST do not handle any cleaning, dusting, or moving of furniture or decor.

Pet Policy: Please have pets tucked away in a room not to be photographed or have them removed from the property during the shoot. J FUERST will work with clients in regard to the property owner’s pets. If pets will be an issue, please make a note of it when services are ordered.

I also understand that J FUERST and its photographers are not responsible for communications with my client through the process, nor for ensuring that home is photo-ready before the photographer arrives. If a homeowner or agent is present and desires to continue staging and/or making home photo-ready, it is the photographer's sole discretion to determine whether the property is able to be photo-ready and photographed within the allotted time for the shoot, based on the listed square footage of the home. If home cannot be photo-ready within the allotted time.. A $100 cancellation fine will apply for any Bundle or a $60 cancellation fine will apply for any A La Carte Services, and the shoot will need to be rescheduled.



In cases of inclement weather and other hazards, J FUERST and its photographers will determine if it will be a hindrance to producing a top quality product. If its sole discretion, J FUERST cancels the shoot and reschedules a shoot for any reason, there is no charge. There is also no charge for cancellations by client up to 24 hours before the first bundled service or up to 6 hours before the a la carte service. However,

  • $100 cancellation fine will apply to the Bundle service if the shoot is cancelled by the client less than 24 hours before the time or the shoot; In the event of an onsite issue causing more than a 30 minute delay, J FUERST will need to late cancel and reschedule the shoot.
  • $60 cancellation fine will apply to the a la carte service if the shoot is cancelled by client less than 6 hours before the time of the shoot; or the photographer is unable to gain access to the property at the scheduled time, or if the house is deemed not photo-ready by JFUERST or it's photographer on site.

J FUERST Bundles

J FUERST Bundles are intended to be captured all on the same day, as there are multiple services in each bundle. J FUERST reserves the right to split the bundles solely upon our discretion, in case of emergency, or due to weather. In these rare occurrences, J FUERST will be in communication with the affected clients well before the shoot time if this is the case.


On-site issues

It is important that you or the homeowner is reachable during the appointment and a window of time before after the scheduled time. There are infrequent issues that can arise that you will want to be aware of and make decisions about. Below are some examples of the types of things and what we tend to do in absence of customer response.

• Property can't be locked or secured - we will notify you or any person we have contact info for immediately about the issue to resolve the situation. If no one can be reached after 15min of waiting time, we must leave the property.

• Car in driveway - we will notify you immediately. We do our best to "shoot around" it so that you have workable angles. We will also shoot typical shots with it present in the event that you would like to have retouching done on the shot to remove the car at an extra charge.

• Home not close to photo ready - we will notify you immediately. In minor cases, we can do "light staging" by moving or adjusting things to make shots look better. But in some situations the volume of things to adjust are too much. This is a situation where we will reach out to confirm what you would like to do. If we cannot reach you, we will continue to shoot the property as-is.

COVID-19 update: we do not move anything in the property at this time.



Listed Square Footage

J FUERST and its photographers will verify listed square footage of the property to make sure that it matches the amount specified on the booking page. If different, JFUERST will adjust up or down in price brackets according to the correctly listed square footage for the property.


Turnaround Time:

Creating quality content takes time. Once on site, J FUERST will need 1-4 hours depending on the services requested. Delays that may arise could affect or jeopardize the production schedule and turnaround time for delivery.

chart of turnaround times

Mileage Charges & Additional Add-ons

All pricing includes up to a certain round trip mileage from your area's central zip code, additional round trip miles are charged to cover costs of gas, wear and tear, and mostly lost time (See Pricing Page for mileage rates & range included). Any applicable mileage will be calculated within 4 weeks after the date of shoot and invoiced accordingly.

* Most additional add-ons are not charged at time of booking and will be invoiced within 4 weeks after the date of shoot.

Limited Licensing Release:

In order to provide the Client with the best service and support at reasonable pricing, J FUERST does not sell exclusive rights to the Work Product, content, or intellectual property produced. J FUERST licenses their use. The fee quoted is dependent on (1) payment of the invoice in full prior to the scheduled production call time, and (2) using the video/photographs only as indicated.

Only the Client has permission to use the delivered photos and video on any electronic or printed forms of advertisement for the promotion of the listing, without express

The work produced for Client may not be resold or transferred, without express written permission from J FUERST.



The Work Product provided by J FUERST may be uploaded to any social media or MLS listing services by the Client, solely for the promotion of the listing during the pending status of the property listing. However, regardless of any terms and conditions of the MLS, at no time does this Agreement provide the right to transfer copyright, licenses, or any other exclusive rights as provided by the Copyright Act 17 U.S.C § 106. ​

Exceptions include: Portfolio shoots

Pre-Pay Automatic Charges

For all pre-paid or deposited shoots, JFUERST reserves the right to automatically charge or refund as needed to the last card used on file following the commencement of the service. Typically any charges will run or refunds issued will occur in under 14 days following the service.

There will be no additional charges to card unless any of the following are true:

  • Customer adds additional services or features (add-ons) after booking their appointment
  • J FUERST finds a meaningful square foot discrepancies during our auditing process between actual footage and what was used for booking


Any unpaid for travel fees associated with the service location for each provider in attendance

For example,

If the customer estimates the home to be serviced at about 2200sf during booking for our FusionTech Photography [1601-2500sf] but the actual listed square footage is 2754sf we will move your shoot to the correct service, FusionTech Photography [2501-3500sf], and automatically charge your card for the difference of $20. If there are any travel fees associated with the service location, this will be assessed as additional charges on the last card used as well. Conversely, If the listed square footage is audited at a bracket cost less than what it was originally estimated to be when booked or additional service add-ons were not able to be accommodated, we will automatically refund for the difference. Finally, if a customer adds an additional service via phone call or email such as an earlier delivery option, neighborhood highlight, extra amenity space, etc., we will automatically charge the last card used for these add-on services.


2010 E Hennepin Ave, STE 42
Minneapolis, MN 55413-2706


2010 E Hennepin Ave, STE 42
Minneapolis, MN 55413-2706

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