We're Hiring!

We're on the lookout for Awesome & Amazing.

Adaptable, Intelligent, and Exceptional people. This is what Awesome & Amazing looks like. Is this you?

Our Why

Empowering ALL agents.

Giving affordable access to excellent photography and customer service.

J FUERST Photo was lovingly born out of the need for the nexus of excellent photography at affordable prices to the real estate marketplace.

There are so many providers that simply will not serve the many needs of their customers.

We saw those needs and created a process that works, every time.

Our Proven Process

Exclusive provider of FusionTech™ photography

A proven process for consistency awesome, amazingly dependable, and affordably excellent photography.

1. Book your appointment and it is instantly confirmed
2. We shoot a property
3. The Next Business Day™ it's done

Our Team

ONLY the best people

Photographers, editors, and other staff as part of the team.
To be a part of this A-team, you need to be nothing short of exceptional.

Our Growth

Growing so fast, #STARTUP!

Quickly becoming the premiere choice in our markets because:

1. We do amazing work
2. We provide excellent customer service
3. We look out for agents' budgets

J FUERST Core Values

Communicate Clearly.
Pass the baton.
Diligently carry the ball across the finish line.
Make sure others have what they need from you.

Eager to learn new things and apply them
Seeking first to understand
Listen for opportunities

Have a "can-do" attitude
Willingness to try
No one always knows what will/won't work, so intelligently experiment
Face fears and challenges with stride
We love sweeping the floors as much as planning major strategy

We keep our promises
We show up when we say we will
We do what we say we will
You can count on me

Create value first situations
Pioneer efficiency and innovations
Think in new ways

Deliver Wow every time
Find a way
It's the little things that make the difference

We Are Excited To Meet You!