What areas do you service?

We work in the Minneapolis, MN metro area and San Francisco Bay Area including south and east bay.  If your listing is within a certain mileage of our center zip code there is no charge. Additional miles are additional cost over the base miles. Specific pricing for shoots and for included mileage is listed on our Pricing page.  We use Google Maps to calculate distances from our center zip code.

How do I book a shoot?

That process to Awesome is Super Easy!

  1. Goto our fast and easy-to-use Order page
  2. Select the finished square footage of the listing
  3. Select the date / time you want your shoot to be on
  4. Tell us about the property and Confirm Shoot
  5. You can relaxit is booked! We’ll be there, and you’ll have the images the next day!
When will I get the photos?

We always GUARANTEE your images to be delivered the following business day by 6pm.  Always!  If your property is photographed on a Friday, it will be delivered on the following Monday. If on Saturday, we will deliver Tuesday.  We deliver files electronically and securely.

Shoot Day   Files Delivered on
Tuesday by 6pm
Wednesday by 6pm
Thursday by 6pm
Friday by 6pm
Monday by 6pm
Tuesday by 6pm

Why can’t the photos delivered the same day?

Because we take great care that you have the best photos for your listing. First we process the images using our exclusive FusionTech™ process, then professionally master the images for exposure, color balance, image clarity, lens distortions, image alignment, blue sky enhancements (if needed), and finally create your Virtual Tour. All of this processing can take many hours per property.

Can you “photoshop” the broken siding on the house, the missing trim on the wall, etc?

While we’re capable of doing this, it is dishonest to misrepresent the property and we will not do any graphical manipulation that is untrue to the property being sold.

How many images can I expect to get?

We include however many it takes to tells the best story of the property, usually between 25-100+ images depending on the size of the property. We deliver more photos than any other tour provider.

What type of equipment do your use?

Our photographers only use high-quality professional cameras and lenses and are intensely trained to meet the stringent requirements we have in capturing the best angles to tell the story of your property.  The final product is always clean, crisp, and professional.  We offer exclusiveFusionTech™ Photography™ on all the images we deliver.

What is FusionTech™ Photography™?

FusionTech™ Photography™ is a technological process developed by J Fuerst Real Estate Photography for achieving results that are superior to standard photography or even HDR. It is a trusted process that will make you and your listing look exceptional! Your listings will stand out with crisp and realistic representations of the properties.

How long does a shoot take?

The average home takes anywhere between 30 – 90 minutes to photograph, with the luxury homes reaching closer to 120+ minutes.

What if the weather is bad?

Sometimes you have to work with what you have.  Interior images look fantastic in overcast weather and we can create a blue sky in exterior images if  the day was overcast or even rainy!  We are very good at shooting in most weather conditions.  If J Fuerst cancels the shoot due to weather, its probably dangerous or the shoot won’t benefit from our technology and that’s not going to look good for any property. 😉